Seed Vac

Once you own a SeedVac you’ll never go back.

Gently transfer seed to your planter or drill on a cushion of air.

  • • Easier than bags or buckets.
  • • Fast! Fill 16 rows in 8 minutes.
  • • Gain 2 hours of planting per day.
  • • Save – buy your seed in bulk.
  • • Faster planting increases yields.

Say Goodbye to Seed Bags

Save your back and your body. Use a SeedVac Bulk Seed Conveyor, and you’ll have no more seed bags to haul and handle.

Faster Planting Means Higher Profits

High capacity seed delivery is now a reality with the SeedVac. Deliver up to 400 pounds per minute conveying soybeans—that’s eight bags per minute!

Easy to Handle and Easy to Use

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the lightweight, easy-to-handle delivery hose and cyclone. At about 7 pounds, virtually any adult can hold the cyclone and fill your planter.

Fill 16 Rows Without Moving

Fill a 16-row planter without moving your gravity wagon or truck. With 25′ of delivery hose, you’re able to reach all seed boxes on a 40′ wide, 16 row planter.

Handier Than a Brush Auger

Don’t bother repositioning a brush auger. SeedVac saves you time—just hold the cyclone over the planter box and fill.


Bulk Conveyor is of great help when it comes to transporting bulk material from one place to another. From light weight to heavy duty, bulk conveyors come in variety of sizes. They are mostly portable and movable.

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